Friday, April 17, 2015

Measure Moustaches with Michelle

Hey there, ya'll!  It's Michelle Tomaszewski again from Michelle + the Colorful Classroom. We're officially back at school for one full week post-Spring Break rest + relaxation.  The sun is shining, the weather is warmer - and I must say, the kiddos have been pret-ty enthused to be back at school, which is always encouraging.  

Now to the Freebie-licious-ness of this lovely Friday post...

Last month, Mrs. Nicolau shared a Sunday Sample on moustaches and I'm going to continue with that theme.  What can I say?  Second graders these days are obsessed with moustaches!  Teacher Tip #1212:  If it's trendy, might as well bring it into the classroom to engage the kiddos with whatever concept you'd like to teach! The moustache mania craze inspired me to create this TpT freebie: 
Using backwards design, here's a 2nd Grade Common Core Math Standard:
2.MD.A.1 - Measure the length of an object by selecting and using appropriate tools such as rulers, yardsticks, meter sticks, and measuring tapes.

Basically, second graders need to know how to read a ruler.  Why not make measurement even more exciting by sprucing it up with some moustaches?

I created three sets of measurement cards in this pack.  Each set consists of 10 cards, labeled respectively A, B, or C.  The letters can be used to differentiate instruction based on your students needs.

"A" cards allow students to measure to the nearest inch.
"B" cards allow students to measure to the nearest half inch.
"C" cards allow students to measure either to the nearest inch or half inch...however, the moustaches are obscurely placed on the ruler { students need to make attention to the starting point of each moustache}
*Disclaimer* Please note that the rulers are not to scale.  I chose to label the recording sheet as "inches", as it is a popular unit of measurement in the USA.  Also, depending on how you print the cards (i.e. if you choose to keep as is or enlarge them), the rulers would not correspond with an accurate unit of measurement.

*Disclaimer to Dads, Grandfathers, and Uncles* Please note, children may want to measure your facial hair (especially if you're sporting an amazing "Duck Dynasty" look). Remind them to be gentle.

Students are also provided with a recording sheet to document their measurement findings.
You'll also pleasantly find an answer sheet in this pack to review their accuracy in measuring.

A dear colleague and friend of mine, Lauryn, who also teaches 2nd grade, tried it in her classroom and left me this positive feedback, "I have to thank you for "measuring mustaches" was such a hit! I printed them on construction paper and sent all of them in search of their colored cards. Oh my could have heard a pin drop! They had so much fun!!!! Thank you SO SO SO MUCH!"
There you have yet another differentiation option: color code the cards!  Also, to accommodate different learning styles, you can administer this activity like a "scavenger hunt" to make measuring moustaches even more stimulating!

Sooo... what are you waiting for?  Enjoy the freebie and go measure some moustaches! {...and don't forget to also have a fabulous weekend!}
Michelle Tomaszewski
Michelle + the Colorful Classroom

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  1. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. This looks so awesome!! And Thank you so much for referring my blog and post! :)
    Brinca Into Bilingual!

    1. Thank YOU so much! ...and of course! #teachersloveteachers

  3. I was just walking past a school that was getting out and saw ALL the kids with fake mustaches on their faces. It was definitely spontaneously hilarious and they were having a good time, but I wonder if the teachers there also used it as a tool to teach measuring.

    Great tool, Michelle!