Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Math Magician with Francheryl

I'm so excited to be part of this collaborative blog!  I'm Francheryl from Primary Essentials.  I have been working in education for 16 years.  I taught second grade for 9 years.  Second grade is my one true love as far as grade levels are concerned!  I was an Instructional Coach for Pre K-2 for ELA and Social Studies for 5 years.  I'm currently teaching intervention students in grades K-5 for reading and math.

I'm dropping in today to share a website that I use to help my students with mastering math facts.  Math Magician is a website that gives students an opportunity to practice addition and subtraction facts.  There's even multiplication and division if you have students that are ready for those skills.  It's a techy alternative to the drill and kill timed facts worksheets.

Math Magician

The website is completely FREE!  Which is another plus. 

It is very easy to differentiate for your class.  I currently use this website with several of my intervention groups.  It is set up by facts from 0 to 9 and two levels of mixed facts. 

To use the website, students type in their name and click on the level they need to practice.  (No need to worry...no information is saved, however, students could use their class number or type nothing if you are worried about cyber safety.)  Once they click start, they have 60 seconds to complete 20 math facts for the level they chose.

If they answer all 20 questions, the students will get to see their grade. 

The students love seeing their grade immediately, and you do not have to grade all those timed worksheets!  Another bonus, is that students can use the website at home to practice.  Quick, easy, and painless...just how I love my technology!

That's all I got for now...see ya' around the blogging world!

Primary Essentials

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