Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Michelle wants you to FLIP that SOUND!

Hey there, lovies!  It's Michelle Tomaszewski again from Michelle + the Colorful Classroom.  At this very moment, I'd love for you to visualize lights, sparkle, and energy - the personable Pat Sajak along with the stunning Vanna White dressed to the nines - with a lively audience exuberantly chanting... "Wheel...of...FORTUNE!" ::cue the game show music::  Okay, now let's make some adjustments... We'll keep the lights, sparkle, and energy because I'm all about that life.  However, now you're left with me in my yoga pants loudly whispering: "FLIP... THAT... SOUND!" (Ya know, I don't want to scare the neighbors...)

Guys!  It's Win-It-Wednesday!  I wanted to offer you the opportunity to win my "Flip the Sound: OW {like in snow + in cow}" Phonics Pack.
Let's face it...the English language is confusing.  Teaching children how to read can certainly be challenging with so many *exceptions to the rule*.  One reading strategy I teach my students when decoding tricky words is to "flip the sound" {perhaps you've met my friend, "Flippy Dolphin"}.  Sometimes a vowel, consonant, or even consonant cluster can make more than one sound.  If one sound doesn't make sense, FLIP IT and try another.  I have these posters hanging in my room at all times for students to reference during our small group reading time... and trust me, they use them!  
{Side note: OW, OO, EA are all currently available in my TpT store.  OU is in the works!  
Other "Flip the Sound" packs will be brought to you this be on the look out!} 
Along with the cutesy-tootsy reference posters, this practical pack includes several different components and plenty of differentiation options:
SAY IT: Students may read from OW word lists. {"ow" like snow, "ow" like cow, & mixed}  
READ IT: Students may read original {somewhat silly} OW decodable stories. {"ow" like snow, "ow" like cow, & mixed}
SPELL IT: Students may cooperatively read from an assortment of word cards in partnerships and practice spelling the words on a recording sheet. 
PASTE IT: Students may cut, sort, and paste letter tiles to complete OW words.  I always remind my students not to paste until the end, as some tiles may "work" in more than one place. {"ow" like snow, "ow" like cow, & mixed}
WRITE IT: Students may record their own OW sentences as an extension for independent practice.
FIND IT: Students may be word detectives and hunt for OW words in the books they are reading with a special recording sheet.
SORT IT: Students may sort OW word cards {1 syllable and multi-syllable options for differentiation} on a sorting mat.

As you can probably imagine, the "mixed" activities are more challenging than those just focusing on one sound, so choose what's right for you and your kiddos.  Additionally, I always allow my students to color code the vowel sounds with highlighters as another phonics strategy. what are you waiting for?!  Enter this week's giveaway, so you TOO can FLIP THAT SOUND!  To enter, simply reference the Rafflecopter and leave a comment in this blog post {before May 4th at midnight, Cinderellas!}; 10 lucky winners will be randomly chosen to receive this goodie!
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As always, thanks for the read and be well!
Michelle Tomaszewski
Michelle + the Colorful Classroom

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  1. What a great idea. I love teaching phonics creatively. Hope I win!!

  2. I just love this blog and all the ideas!!

  3. I teach struggling learners. This would be fantastic to use with them! Thank you for the generous giveaway opportunity!

  4. Looks like a wonderful resource! My son remembers OW as "blow the snow" and "brown cow". ;)

  5. I am an ESL guy myself and this was one of the most challenging things about the English language. I love the graphics and think this is a great way to approach teaching it!

    Thanks Michelle!

  6. I love the posters you have in your room to help your students!

  7. Kudos Miss T! You've done it again! You are absolutely fabulous! I am crossing my fingers and hoping to win! Miss you!

  8. This looks like a great resource!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. What wonderful posters! These would really help my kiddos learn the phonic flips in a fun way.

  10. Love all the fun ways you have for students to practice identifying the two sounds "ow" makes!

  11. I would love to use this with my readers who need a little boost!

  12. This is such an important skill to teach and it looks like you've got a great way to teach it!

  13. This is great! We have been working on this sound in my Kindergarten class. This would be perfect! Thanks so much!

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