Thursday, May 21, 2015

End of the Year Gift Ideas by Third in Hollywood

Hello everyone! 

This is Emily from Third in Hollywood. You can read my introduction blog post here and my second post here.

I know some of my teacher friends across the country have already finished up the school year, but for many of us, we are still in the home stretch! 

It definitely is the busiest time of year for all of us. Report cards, cleaning/packing up the classroom, making orders for next year, and testing are just some of the things we have to do ON TOP of teaching {cramming} the rest of the curriculum before the end of the year. With all that is on our plates, it can easily slip our minds to thank all the many people that helped us throughout the year. 

End of the year gifts are definitely essential, but for me, I don't like to spend a lot of money on them or a lot of time (because who really has an excess amount at this time of the year)? Not to mention, there are several people I would like to get gifts for, so they time and money can add up quickly! 

Some of the people I like to get a small something for are: principal, secretaries, custodian, teaching partner(s), room parent(s), all of my students, and anyone else who was a significant help throughout the year. 

Last year I did simple gifts using plastic mason jar cups (from TJ Maxx/Marshalls for $4. I filled them with Crystal Light packets, slapped a tag on them (free in my store!)... and bravo!... a perfect summer gift! Cute, inexpensive, and no time at all! 

Click on the picture to download FREE gift tags!

Click on the picture to download FREE Movie/Popcorn gift tag!
In the past, I have also done movie/popcorn bins, which are super simple and affordable. The Dollar Store sells popcorn bins. Simply fill them with popcorn bag, candy, and a Red Box movie gift card ($1-$3), put on the tag (free from my store!) and you're done!

This year I am going to do something a little different. I am going to use my NEW Thank You Notes that go with a simple candy or small item. Again... affordable and easy! These are just some of the cards that are included!

For my students, I am going to make them Summer Writing Journals. You can choose to print these out and glue them to composition or spiral notebooks, or simply print and staple for a homemade journal! These will be so easy, but I know the kids will love writing in them over the summer. (Not to mention, they're continuing to practice their skills!)  

I hope these fun freebies and thank you tags make giving end of the year gifts a breeze! Good luck to those of you who are in the HOME STRETCH!! 

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