Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Pen Pals

Hi, everyone!  It's Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars to share a great tip to keep kids reading and writing all summer long!

A few years ago my son's best friend at the time moved a thousand miles away.  He wanted a way to keep in touch with him.  We decided that writing letters to and from each other would help them keep in touch.  I couldn't find any good stationary for him to use, so we made some to go with his tastes.  He loves sports, so we chose a sports theme for the stationary.  Here is what we came up with.
Since letter writing is a part of our second grade curriculum, this would be something easy for all of your students (or own  children) to engage in over the summer.  You could pair two students up to write to each other or even have them write letters to you.  My teachers always did that with me when I was in school.  They could write about books they are reading or even about something new they have learned over the summer.  The possibilities are endless! 

Here are some more stationary templates you could easily use.
Enjoy your summer!  I know that I will and have started to already!


  1. Andrea, that is a wonderful tip for encouraging kiddos to write letters! Love the stationary... I'm going to print some out for my grandson to use to write to his buddies. Thanks so much! (Do you write letters to your former students over the summer?)
    Peggy @ Primary Flourish

    1. I have writen letters in the past when I was in the classroom, but now that I am a reading specialist, it is not as easy to get that information. I plan to start it next year as a new summer reading initiative. Hope your grandson enjoys the stationary!