Saturday, August 22, 2015

Lori Flaglor- What's the Buzz about Collective Nouns?

Hi everyone it's me again, 
Lori Flaglor with another blog post for Show-N-Tell Saturday. If you missed my last blog entry "Let's Create Memories" click here. Like everyone else, I'm getting ready to head back to school and I am thinking about teaching all of those Common Core Standards. One of the new standards for 2nd grade is Collective Nouns. Well I can tell you, I had never taught or heard about Collective Nouns before, but I have to admit it, it is one of my favorite lessons now. 
  SO, let me share with you the BUZZ... about Collective Nouns!

    I began my hunt for materials on Collective Nouns by visiting my good friend our school librarian. She had a wonderful assortment of books about Collective Nouns. Pictured above are a few of the ones our school owns. My favorite book to start my lesson is Have You Ever Seen a Smack of Jellyfish? by Sarah Asper-Smith.  I like to read the book to the children and then afterwards have them brainstorm all of the Collective Nouns they heard in the story and make a chart with their answers.

   Next, I like to discuss the difference between Nouns and Collective Nouns. I have them sort these adorable bee cards that contain words onto the correct bee hive. When we complete the sorting activity together, they will complete an interactive journal page very similar to the word sort activity to check for understanding.
 The next day I would introduce my Collective Noun mini-book and review many of the concepts from the day before. We will continue to work on this mini-book for several days.
 During the course of the week I would have the children work on the learning centers to deepen their understanding of Collective Nouns. Finally, I would do a simple assessment with an interactive journal page.*Download a copy of this interactive journal page for FREE by clicking here and opening up my PREVIEW page.

  You could totally get carried away with teaching about Collective Nouns! Wouldn't it be great to make an ABC class book on Collective Nouns? You could assign each child a letter of the alphabet and they could write and illustrate a page. Put the pages together and VOILA, you would have your own Collective Noun book.
  Also, I have found a great FREE site that has beautiful coloring pages featuring Collective Nouns. Click here to check it out.

   Love what you see, and want to get started with Collective Nouns? Just check out my product and see what the BUZZ is all about!

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 Happy Teaching!

Lori Flaglor

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