Thursday, August 6, 2015

Meet the Teacher Night Tips - Brinca into Bilingual

Hello everyone! It is sooo good to be back on this great collaborative page! I'm Mrs. Nicolau from Brinca into Bilingual!
Today I want to share with you some of the things I get ready around this time for Meet The Teacher Night! YESSSS... I know!!! I am (and you are too) already thinking about that!

So I'm gonna share with y'all my freebies and some ideas for you to use on that night!

What I usually have on me: TWO sign-in sheets for my personal use and for me to turn in to my school (the last school I worked at, they used to give me a copy they made themselves and I used to make me an extra copy to use as well),  a post-it, and my information card.

So I would leave the school sign-in sheet on a table by the door for my parents to sign-in. As they come to talk to me, I would write down their information such as phone number, their child's name, and most important, the transportation for the school year. This info would easily change since some of my parents would take and pick them up for the first week or anything like that. It helped me big time to have an extra copy with their number on it in case I needed to contact them on the first day of school. On that sheet (full of scribbles, I would also write any information or concerns parents tell me on that night).

I also had post-its, so while I was talking to parents, I would ask my student to write their name on it and choose a place. Yes, I of course would change their place if it was necessary, but at least it gave them a chance to choose where to sit for the first weeks. And believe me, there were students that never moved from there because they worked so well that it wasn't necessary to move them.

Last, but definitely not least, I would give them my info card. I would point out the magnet on the back so they wouldn't lose it and place it on their fridge if they wanted to. They all come in English and Spanish. You can edit the text to put your information. Please know that I can't give you access to the font or clip art due to copyright...
I have several styles, so just click on the picture to check the one you like the most :)

Click HERE to take you to this Teacher Contact Info Card.

Click HERE to take you to this Teacher Contact Info Card.

Click HERE to take you to this Superhero Teacher Contact Info Card. This document comes for both female and male teacher.

Now, I would have some thing on their desks as well. On there, there were the following:
1. Any school papers.

2. Handout with my information. I know several bloggers have created the booklet foldable, I know it's SOOO adorable and I just loveee the colors they used. However, I'm honest with y'all, I came up with a simpler way and a simpler foldable that I personally think it will do the work :) Now, it doesn't have as many windows as the other foldable, but this is what I used and it has worked just find for me

This foldable contains the basic information I provided to my parents. Say goodbye to the millions lose pages!! No more using 10 pages for 10 different things!!! All the info is in this foldable!!!
I created a document on google docs so you can edit the inside only (if you want the pretty font). Please just remember that I can't give you access to the font or clip art due to copyright. What you can edit is the inside of the document with your own information!
This foldable come sin both color and B/W version. It also comes in both English and Spanish (for my bilingual friends out there!)

Click HERE if you would like a copy of this foldable.

3. Along with the papers from school and my foldable I used to place a Goody Gift Bags for each student. I would like to share with you some snacks ideas that you can give to your students.

I have a wild/safari theme, click HERE to download it for FREE.

I have a circus/cotton candy theme, click HERE to download it for FREE.

Lastly, I have a Superhero Theme. It is so simple and inexpensive! The yellow cereal is "Kix." I have never heard of this cereal before, but I saw it on a "healthy school list snack" and I tried it; it tastes pretty good! If you do not want to use that one, you can also use Corn Pops. The other colorful cereal was part of the Cap'n Crushs Oops all berries, but you can also use Trix, Froot Loops Loopers.
Click HERE to download it for FREE! :)

I couldn't resist to post this one. As I was taking the pictures, Pollita (my 14-month old daughter) grabbed the bags of the cereal she likes! I thought it was too funny and I thought you might laugh along with me! Look at those chunky fingers!! lol 

Thank you everyone for stopping by our blog today! I hope to see y'all very soon!!