Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Michelle wants to "REMIND" you of something...{Techy Tuesday}

Hello, hello and Happy Tuesday everyone!  Summer may not be officially over yet, but Labor Day has passed and teachers are back to school!  Our district had teacher convocation and meetings last week, but today is officially my first day back to school with the kiddos.  I know my heart will SHINE as soon as I hear the first "Ms. T.!!!" squeal in the hallways and give out some high-fives. 

Back to school time can mean a lot of things: a new year with a new class, perhaps a new curriculum, maybe even a new grade-level.  With new students, we also receive a new set of parents and guardians.  Think of how you've communicated with parents in the past.  Hand-written notes?  Quick conversations at the end of the school day?  Student planner communication?  Phone calls?  E-mails?  Well, I'm not saying "out with the old", but I AM saying "in with the new"!  Today, I'd like to share with you a new form of digital communication you may choose to use this school year! {Like how many times I used the word "new" ...it was on purpose, guys! :-) }

It's called REMIND!

Remind is a free messaging service where teachers can safely, simply, and instantly text message parents.  You read that correctly: TEXT parents.  Yes, folks, we are in the digital age.  Remind makes sure your phone number is secure and private, so even if you are using your cell phone, your number is not shown; parents only see a special, unique code.  We are 2nd grade teachers after all, but some secondary teachers even choose to use Remind to text their students!  

Remind can be used to send:
. reminders about assignments
. reminders about homework
. reminders about assessments 
. reminders about special days {i.e. class trips, picture day}
...my favorite...
. motivational messages

I mean, how awesome would you feel if you got a text from your 2nd grade teacher saying, "Don't forget, you are special!"  What a great way to build a positive rapport with students and families!

The nice thing about Remind is that if offers so many different features.  For one, the service is available via website as well as app, so you can assign your messages from the computer or your smart-phone.  Secondly, Remind offers two forms of communication: one-way announcements {teachers can mass-text a reminder to the entire class} or two-way communication chat {teacher can have a conversation with one parent at a time}.  Additionally, the service also allows you to schedule reminders in advance and will send out your messages when you desire.  You can even send voice clips!!!  Are you sold yet?!  Oh wait, you don't have to be - it's FREE!

Okay, so what do you do now?
I suggest you download the app!  
 If you use your school e-mail address, your school may automatically pop up on the "link your school" page.  This is a good thing, because Remind also allows you to message or chat teachers in your school who are also on Remind.

I typically name my class by year (i.e. "2015-16").  However, if you teach multiple groups or classes, you may differentiate between them. :-)
Once you create your app, you get a special "number" code and "message" code for parents to message.  It's just like when you hear the commercials, "Text ____ to #####" for coupons, etc.  For web-based messages, you may choose to share a unique "link" to open communication or send invitations to parents yourself.  I find this is a great "Back-to-School Night" Activity... have all the parents sign up right then and there! 
So, if you like what you see, give it a whirl!  You may mind that it makes your life as a teacher just a little bit easier!  
To ease your tech searches, 
I've included the links below 
for your personal browsing pleasure!
Remind Website     .     Remind App

Now, let me Remind you to have a BEAUTIFUL school year full of peace, learning, and lots of memories!
Michelle Tomaszewski
Michelle + the Colorful Classroom


  1. I love the Remind App. What did we do before we had this - ha??!!


  2. This will be my second year usind Remind. It is so convenient for me and the parents too.