Thursday, March 26, 2015

ReSpEcTFuL Character with Ashley Schroeder

Hi friends! It's Ashley here from Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd! I am THRILLED to have joined the iTeachSecond blogging team, and I'm here today on Tipster Thursday my first post today to bring you a tip, idea, and resource for teaching Respect and a variety of other character traits.

I don't know about you all, but in March - days before break -  with 29 2nd graders who have had more than their fair share of indoor recess? - our character has been, well, less than perfect.  We're arguing, we're interrupting, we're excluding each other.  Our character is just making me sad.  We need to build back up our character like CRAZY.   I've busted out my character ed pack and a few other unique tricks that I pulled out from up my sleeve to try and turn things around in a positive light for the final weeks of school.  

One of the first character traits that we spent some time talking about is RESPONSIBILITY! We WILL put things away.  We WILL return our HW and not blame it on mom.  We WILL put our math journals back in our own desks and not a neighbors.  RIGHT?!? A girl can wish.  So as I wished - I busted out my teacher bag of tricks including songs, rewards, fun group projects, and more. . . .

We used one of my favorite videos about responsibility {HERE}...  

When I find the way to connect something I REALLY want to stick in their heads to a song - they're learning it.  And they are singing. it. for. days.  And so am I. But I wouldn't have it any other way!  #teacherlove

I also rewarded a few responsible friends with a responsibility award as I caught them being super responsible this week.  These awards are from my Character Ed. Bounce Away the Bullies pack.

Here are all of the other character traits that we are going to be focusing on throughout the rest of the month, too.  I hope I can get rid of all of these awards catching my kids showing great character!

Traits included in this pack are:  
self disciplined
team player

We also practiced listing and labeling a few ways to show each trait on these fun recording sheets!

We wrapped up the week with this fun cooperative group
work activity! . . .We were working on showing RESPECT as
our character trait focus and I gave each group of kiddos a letter of the word RESPECT...

They worked together to write on the letters examples of things to do and say that are RESPECTFUL!!  I then mounted them on black paper and hung them over our door!

It looks GREAT and has already made a difference to help my kids build back up their CHARACTER as we round the final quarter of 2nd grade!! 

I hope you've been able to snag a tip or trick or two that will help you to help your kiddos continue to build their character in a positive ways as we near the end of 2nd grade! 

Thanks so much for reading! 


  1. Oh Lordy so we need this refresher NOW! I'm going to use your idea of the RESPECT letters to remind my kiddos how we should be treating each other. I love the "snap-shot" recording sheet. I'm such a sucker for a play on words! Fortunately, I always have at least a couple kiddos in my room who "get" my humor! ~ Lisa

  2. Wow! I LOVE this! So often we forget to teach what really matters. Thanks for all the great tips :)