Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Giveaway with Emily Yost

Hey everyone! This is Emily from Third in Hollywood. I'm so excited to be apart of such a wonderful group of second grade teachers to bring you helpful tips and tricks! 

Just a little about me... I am formerly a third grade teacher (hence the name!) and am now teaching second grade (where I couldn't be any happier!) The entire school of students know me as the teacher who squirts whip cream in the kids' mouths. Yup... that's me! I like to make learning and being in school a FUN experience. My favorite motto is, "They may forget what you said, but they'll never forget how you made them feel." When parents tell me their child is excited to come to school, that is the best compliment one could give me! 

One way I like to have fun in my class is by playing a game of "Scoot". For those of you that are not familiar with it, I'm here to explain it. I can promise you... after the first time you try it, you'll see how much the students love it and they'll be begging for more! 

To play Scoot, you will use a set of task cards that are numbered. Put one task card on every students' desk in order of number. Give each student a recording sheet. (See task card and recording sheet below). When you say "begin", students will answer the question on the task card that is at their desk in the corresponding numbered box on their recording sheet. After about a minute or two, you'll say "scoot". Students will get up and move to the desk with the next number, sit down, and answer that question. Once all the students have made it back to their own desk, the game of scoot is over. 

Scoot is great because it gets kids moving! And for some strange reason, kids LOVE sitting in each others' desk! I like to use it as a way to check for understanding or as a quick assessment to see what my students know (and they'll NEVER know you're doing it!!) I grade them as a class and then have the students turn in the recording sheets. I can immediately see which kids need more practice. 

Here are some key tips for management

The first thing I do with a new class of students is to simply practice rotating through the desks. After a game or two, your students should totally get it. Biggest tip: You want to make sure the task cards are suitable for ALL students to answer in about one minute. If some kids take longer, it will slow down the entire process. Also, I have my students flip over their recording sheet and draw so that I can see just by scanning the class who still needs more time. Finally, I make sure the students know it is SILENT scoot! 

I have TONS of task cards in my store! Check them out by clicking on the pictures below! The great thing about task cards is that they can also be used for other things other than scoot, such as morning work, independent work, centers, early finishers, etc.

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  1. As soon as I saw this I popped right over to your store and wishlisted several of your Scoot sets :-) Now I just need to narrow it down! I use sets like that for so many things - small group centers, Read the Room, reteaching... and I love how many different ones you have! Keep creating! ~ Lisa

  2. Lisa,
    Thank for wish listing and for all of your kind words!!