Monday, April 20, 2015

Mother's Day Bath Salts Gift

Hi, it's Hannah from The Classroom Key.  Welcome to Make-It Monday!  Today I've got an easy Mother's Day gift you can make with your students.  It's a cute little bag of bath salts with a fun bag topper you can print for free!

 Mother's Day bath salts craftivity

Here's what you need:
-Epsom salt (really cheap in the pharmacy section)
-snack size baggies
-food coloring
-extract (I used vanilla but other scents would work)

1.  Put about 1/2 cup of Epsom salt in a baggie.

 2.  Add some extract.  In the picture I'm using a pipette I borrowed from a science kit.  I put in about 10 drops.  You could also use a 1/4 tsp measuring spoon.

3.  Add about 5 drops of food coloring (or more if you're brave.  I was afraid of having moms turning crazy colors)

4.  Tightly seal the baggie and squeeze to mix the contents in your hands until the coloring is evenly distributed.

5.  Color and cut out the bag topper.

6.  Fold the bag topper in half.

7.  Staple it to the top of the bag.  Voila! A lovely Mother's Day gift.

Management tip: Probably the easiest way to carry out this activity is to have all students start with coloring and cutting their paper and while they're busy with this, call back a few students at a time to fill their baggies.

Click to grab the printable for FREE!

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