Sunday, April 19, 2015

Reading Comprehension Passages from The Learning Chambers

Hi y'all!  This is Stephanie from The Learning Chambers.  I hope that your Sunday is off to a super start.  It's been raining off and on all week here in southeast Texas, so I'm hoping for a dry day so my boys and I can enjoy a day outside.  I hate to complain about the rain, but one day of no rain would be great for my littles!

Today for Sample Sunday, I'm very excited to share some samples from my Easy Printing Reading Comprehension Passages Packs.  I've really tried to cut back on the amount of color ink that I use, and these have come in handy a lot this year! 

Here's a closer look at how they can be used in your classroom...

I've used these easy printing reading comprehension passages in both guided reading small group and during workstations for independent practice.  My kids really love the informational texts!  This one was about the Arctic Fox and it can be found HERE.

Arctic Fox Informational Text Sampler {Easy Printing}

When I use them for independent practice, I normally use them as a quick check to see my student's written responses.  This student was working on main idea and supporting details during our workstation time.  My students still struggle with this concept from time to time, so I love that it gives them the extra practice that they need!

When I use them in a guided reading small group setting, I love to have my students highlight the text evidence that helped them answer the comprehension questions.  We just use yellow markers and they work great!

During one of my guided reading groups on Friday, we worked on locating facts in an informational text.  I noticed that a lot of times my students were writing down facts that they already knew and not facts from the text.  I loved having them highlight the textual evidence to prove that the fact was actually in the text.  Plus, they love using their yellow marker to highlight.

Since Earth Day is next week on Wednesday, I'm very excited to share this Earth Day informational text sample with you guys.  I would love to hear how it worked in your classroom!  You can grab your sample, by clicking on the cover below.

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I was looking for something to use this week and this is perfect! :)