Friday, May 29, 2015

Math Fact Strategy Sort

Math Fact Freebie

Hey!  It's Hannah, from The Classroom Key!  

Happy Friday!  I've got a fun freebie for you.  Click the picture below to download it.

 FREE Math Fact Strategy Sorting ActivityI realized within the last couple of years that it's not enough to just teach kids strategies for solving math facts.  They have to know WHEN to apply WHICH strategy.  It seems so simple to an adult but to kids, it's a skill that needs some practice.  For example, when a student sees the fact 4+5, they may start automatically counting on, even if they are aware of other strategies.  With some training they can eventually realize that the two addends are just one number apart, so it's a doubles +1 fact!

My FREE math fact strategy sort helps kids get comfortable with quickly identifying the strategy needed to solve a fact.  First, they cut out pigs with facts on their sides.  Then they choose the correct strategy pen in which to glue each pig.

 FREE Math Fact Strategy Sort Activity


I've found it's helpful for second graders to know these strategies:
*counting on (for adding 1, 2, or 3)
*doubles facts
*doubles +1
*think 10 to add 9
*in-betweens (more information about the in-betweens strategy)

Another option with this activity is to laminate the pieces and use it as a math center.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for the freebie!!!

  2. This is so cute! I can't wait to use it with my class. Thank you.

  3. So cute - the kids will love practicing their strategies! Thank you!
    Peggy @ Primary Flourish

  4. Love this! I was just having this conversation with my daughter today, because she was counting on when adding 4+5! Thanks for sharing!