Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lori Flaglor and Word Work Activities

Hi everybody, it's me again Lori Flaglor with another blog entry. If you didn't catch my last Show N Tell Saturday click here to see my Repeated Addition with Arrays- Who Knew Math Could Be So Yummy blog post.   

This time of year is really hard to keep your little kiddos motivated in your Word Work, learning centers, or small group instruction. I'm going to share with you some free or inexpensive ways to combine fun and learning into your Word Work, literacy centers, or small group instruction. 

1. Make your own Word Searches- It's so simple! Discovery Education has a magnificent free program that lets you create your own. Type in your own spelling words or vocabulary words and it creates them for you. Every kid loves to complete word searches, and think of the spelling practice they are getting when they are searching for a word.
Click in this product's preview to get this FREE word search!

2.  Handwriting, Cursive, and Sign Language Practice
You can print out practice worksheets using Spelling City to improve manuscript or cursive writing. Copy the papers and place in a plastic cover and your students can use an erasable marker and they can use them over and over again. You can even print out Sign Language worksheets!

3. Coloring Books- Visit the Dollar Store or and copy 
off free coloring worksheets. Have your children hide their spelling words or vocabulary words in the pictures and have them trade with  their classmates and have them find the words. Add a little more fun by providing a magnifying glass to search for words.

4. Game Boards- My class loves to play with a friend using one of the many game boards I have available for them during Daily 5 time. I often listen to their conversations while playing these games and I am amazed at how many phonics rules they are practicing by sounding out the words. I love activities when they are learning and they don't even realize it. You can make your own game boards by downloading one of these Free templates and typing in your own words. Your kiddos will love them!
 5. Paper Chains- You remember making paper chains as a child, don't you? Well, here is a twist on this favorite activity. Cut up many strips of various colors and place them in a center location. Your students will take several strips and write one of their spelling words 3x each on one of the strips. Then they will make another strip with a different word and paste it to the end and paste the strips together to start a chain. The keeps keep going until they have written all of their spelling words. This activity can also be altered to use vocabulary words and having the children write the word and its definition.

     I hope these ideas inspire you to spruce up your Word Work or Literacy Centers. For complete ready to use Word Work Activities please visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
Here is a sampling of my au, aw, & al Word Work Activities.

Until next time,
Happy Teaching!

Lori Flaglor

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