Friday, May 15, 2015

Year End Balloon Countdown, Affirmations & Awards!

Happy Friday, friends! It's Lauren Lynes from Simply Second Grade! How many days do you have left until summer break? I have 3.5 days after today! I feel like this is the earliest we have ever gotten out! And it is my first year to have an early release on the last day!

For those of you who may have a couple more weeks until summer, I wanted to share a freebie and a couple of ideas that you may like to incorporate into your year end celebrations!

For the past couple of years, I have been doing a "Final Countdown" with my students. It's really to help my sanity :) Each day, we pop a balloon and inside is a slip with a special activity or treat! Many of the things are free or pretty cheap. You can decide how many days you would like to include in your countdown! Things that we usually do are read outside, sidewalk chalk, bubblegum day, no shoes day, popsicle party, class picnic, sit anywhere, extra recess... Here is a FREEBIE for you to use with your balloon countdown! Just cut the slips you want to use and stick them in your balloons!

Another activity I always do is our Year End Affirmation Posters. This is another free activity. All you need is a large, white piece of construction paper for each student. Have them draw their face and write their name in the middle of the paper. Then have students bring their paper and a marker to the carpet and sit in a big circle. Students will pass their posters around the whole circle, and their classmates will each write an affirmation on their poster. The kids feel so good about themselves after this activity!

Last but not least is our Red Carpet Awards! All you need to do is lay out some red butcher paper, print these awards on brightly colored paper, and you are all set to go! All of the kids feel extra special after they receive their award on the red carpet!

Here are the awards that are included in this pack!

You can find some more year end ideas and products over at my blog, Simply Second Grade!! I hope your end of the year is fun and memorable!!

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  1. What fun and special activities for the end of school! Thank you for sharing and thanks for the balloon countdown freebie!
    Peggy @ Primary Flourish