Saturday, May 16, 2015

Poetry Books for Fluency

Hello, everyone!  It's Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars to show off something I do every year with my students.

All year I work with my students to help with fluency and vocabulary.  Since the students I work with are typically struggling readers, these are perfect for helping them become better readers.

Each week, I find a poem that goes with what we are reading, the time of year, or a skill they need.  We read the poem all week and do different activities with it.  We choral read it, partner read it, find various words in the poem, and illustrate it.  I save them throughout the year and send it home during the last week of school.  They love these books because they can read everything in it.

Here are some examples of the finished books.
This is such an easy thing to do with your students.  Every year they will look forward to the memories and poems.

Enjoy the rest of your year!


  1. Andrea, I love that idea! Not only will the kids have a keepsake from the year - you know they will want to read, read, read those to their families! Thanks for sharing!
    Peggy @ Primary Flourish

    1. You are welcome! They look forward to it every year. I think it is the highlight of the year for me too.