Sunday, May 10, 2015

Quick 'n Easy Math Centers

Happy Mother's Day! It's Leah from Grasty's 2nd Grade Goodies and I have a small gift for EVERYONE today!!! It's a sample of three math centers that will be perfect for any second grade classroom.  The BEST thing about these centers is that there is little to NO PREP!!! All you need to do is print them off and you're basically ready to go.  In reality, your students could be playing these games tomorrow morning.  

Skip Counting by 5s, using 3-digit numbers. 
 This first center (Skip Counting) is an all time favorite. Students use a spinner (paper clip and pencil) to create a three digit number.  The number is then used as a starting point to skip count forward and backward by 5. Students record their work on a strip of paper (cutting strips of paper is the only thing you'll need to do ahead of time).  

The circled number is the number spun.
The numbers above it are decreasing by 5
and the numbers below it are increasing by 5. 

The second center (Creating a Problem) allows students to practice adding and subtracting three-digit numbers.  
With this game, students use a spinner to create an addition or subtraction problem.  They solve the problem and then create a word problem that matches the equation.  

I have my students work with a partner. When they're done solving the equation and creating the word problem, they exchange their paper with their partner who then checks their work for accuracy.  I'm always amazed at how much they enjoy doing this -- I think it's because they feel like they're the teacher for a few minutes! 

The last center (What Time is It?) I want to share with you for FREE allows students to practice telling time to the nearest five-minute interval. 

Besides being super easy to implement, I love these centers because each one comes with simple directions AND pictures that show each step.  This is great for students who still have difficulty reading because they're able to see exactly what's expected of them.  When I made these centers for my classroom, I simply printed the directions on the front of the paper and the step-by-step pictures on the back. 

Click on the picture below to download these three centers for FREE! When you get to my TpT store, all you need to do is click on the PREVIEW BUTTON and they'll automatically download.  Enjoy! 
Math Centers for 2nd Grade (4th Quarter - Common Core)

And just to let you know, I have Quick-n-Easy Math Centers for the entire school year! 
Math Centers for 2nd Grade (1st Quarter - Common Core)   Math Centers for 2nd Grade (2nd Quarter - Common Core)  Math Centers for 2nd Grade (3rd Quarter - Common Core)

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