Thursday, May 7, 2015

Reviewing Types of Sentences with TACO BELL!

Hi everyone!

This is my first post here for this amazing collaborative community I am honored to be a part of. I'm Amna from Teach Two Reach: 2nd Grade Happenings.

Today's tip is something that I've posted on my own blog a while back near the beginning of the year, but now since we are nearing the end of the year, it comes at a time for a beneficial review. OR keep this idea in your back pocket for the start of next year. Spend the summer collected Taco Bell sauce packets...I'll explain.

2nd graders always learn the four types of sentences - Declarative (statement), Interrogative (question), Exclamatory (exclamation), and Imperative (command).

I had gone over the sentence types with various introduction activities and whole group practice in identifying the sentences, when one night I was getting ready to eat my weekly dose - (don't judge) - of a Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, and I brought out my (hoarders' anonymous) plastic bag of Taco Bell sauce packets from my cabinet. Reading the sayings on the packets, I remembered an idea I had read about a couple years ago. The sayings on the sauce packets were used to practice sentence types! I quickly counted up my sauce treasure trove - and realized I had 60 packets. Again, don't judge. Then I separated them in the four types of sentences, counted them, and realized I had enough to create groups of 3-5 students and give them a bunch of packets so they could sort them themselves. 

I started creating a sorting mat for the sauce packets and a recording sheet for the sentences!

The next day, I broke the students up into groups. What is awesome about the sauce packets is that many of them don't have punctuation marks. This is perfect because students have to sort the packets into the four types of sentences, BUT FIRST, they have to figure out what KIND of sentence it is if it doesn't have a punctuation mark. 

After the group put the packets onto the correct category on the sorting mat, they all had to write those sentences under the correct heading on the second recording sheet, and had to make sure to put the correct punctuation at the end as well. 

You can bet your fire sauce that this was a high interest activity, coupled with the group discussion, which made it very successful in identifying the four types of sentences. 

The following week, I had them create this super easy and colorful flip booklet. You take two pieces of white paper, layer them, fold them over once, and you get a flipbook with four parts. Students wrote the title on the top page, but this page is also used to write the declarative sentence underneath the title. They used colored paper strips to write the names of the sentence types, and then wrote a sentence and illustrated each kind on the correct flap. 

I hope you read this all the way through because now if you have, you get to grab the Taco Bell sauce packet freebie! I had to take out the graphic off the packets on the top corner because I  borrowed that picture from the good ol' Internet to put for my class and I'm not sure if I can share it.   So you get the two pages without the pic, but that's okay!

Click HERE. Enjoy!

Hope to see you agains oon!


  1. What a great sentence activity! Thank you for sharing!
    Peggy @ Primary Flourish

  2. I think this is an awesome idea and one the kids would love, too. I liked the way you thought it through and worked with what you had. I guess we never know where inspiration will come from! I'm not a huge TB fan, but maybe I'll put it out there to my parents and see what they might be able to contribute.

    One suggestion might be to scan and laminate pictures of the packets just on the in case someone has a packet spring a leak! Just a thought! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is so clever! I love it : )