Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beach Editing Fun

Happy Sunday everyone!  It's Lisa from over at Second Grade Stories, here with an easy prep activity for Sample Sunday. Are you still in school? Teaching year round? Or teaching summer school?
This activity is part of my "Bundle of Beach Fun" resource.  It's a summer themed "fix it" editing activity for students to practice spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, etc.  There are 12 different sentences, each with 2-4 errors.  I included a number at the end of each sentence so students know how many errors to find. There is also a recording sheet, self-check answer key and a "Check It" list for students to use as they edit.

You can print out and cut apart the sentence strips and use them in a small group center, or you can use them whole class - just print a double sided copy of the 12 sentences and have students use a colored pencil to find the mistakes.  You can choose to have them copy the sentences correctly onto the recording sheet, or just go with the edited sheet. I've also put a copy in a sheet protector and had students use a wipe-off marker to find the mistakes.

You can get this summer fix-it activity for free by clicking on the image above.

Looking for more beach themed activities?  You can check out my Bundle of Beach Fun resource by clicking {HERE} or on the images below. There are 3 language arts activities, 3 math activities and an easy and fun writing activity, perfect for summer.

The activities are also available separately (language arts centers, math centers and writing activity).

I hope you're enjoying your summer - or at least WILL be enjoying it soon if you're still in school! Thanks for stopping by!

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