Thursday, June 4, 2015

Easy End of the Day Summary Activity

Hi! It's Bex here from Reading and Writing Redhead!

I have a fun tip for you that you can probably use during the upcoming school year. It is an easy routine to implement, does not take long and for a small activity does a lot!

This is My Week is an end of the day activity I do with my second graders. Each day they write about what happened (at the beginning of the year I model, we brainstorm 3 ideas together, they copy one...then they move to writing one sentence independently and later, two or more!) and at the end of the week they bring it home and it is a great communication tool for students and their parents. My students usually like to read their sentences aloud which is fun and while they are writing it allows me a minute or two to do an end of the day task myself.

This activity works on writing, spelling, grammar, organizing ideas, and if students read it aloud, reading, expression, and by the middle of the year, students are usually finding errors and editing it, too! I imagine you could modify it for use with first grade, and third grade and up to!

You can click  here to see it and if you like it download! Here is what it looks like. Clicking on the image below takes you to TPT to download it. It is FREE by the way!


  1. Bex, I love this idea! You made it perfect gradual release! Do they keep all their summaries for the year, or do you send them home easy week? Thanks for sharing!
    Peggy @ Primary Flourish

  2. Hi Peggy! They bring them home each Friday with their "Friday Folder" papers, which are all the papers they did and I corrected for that week!