Thursday, July 23, 2015

Save Some Paper! - Lauren Lynes

Hi friends! Lauren Lynes here from Simply Second Grade! I am here to share two quick tips that have helped save me a little bit of PAPER!

If you are like me, you write about a bazillion to-do lists throughout the week, and I seem to find them everywhere! I was tired of 1.) having paper all over the place, 2.) wasting paper, and 3.) spending lots of money on notepads! So I went to Ikea, got a cheap frame, and printed out a blank to-do list. I just stuck it in the frame, and now I write my to-do list with an Expo marker! As I complete a task, I just erase it, and replace it with something else I need to do :)

Have you seen these dry erase pockets at your Target Dollar Spot this year yet? I haven't, but I keep looking! If you find some, snatch 'em up! You won't be sorry!

You can use them for ANYTHING! I use them during small group time, for RTI, word work, handwriting practice, etc. I keep a few with my math tub activities, and will put pages that go along with whatever skill we are working on, and the kids will do them for one of their rotations. I also put timed tests in there, and the kids can time themselves to practice their math fact fluency! The kids bring them to me to spot check, and I am able to give pretty instant feedback. Then I just switch them out when needed. The kids think it is so cool to use the dry erase markers, and don't feel like they are doing a worksheet! 

I also use them during Listen to Reading during our Daily 5 rotations. I put Reader's Response sheets in them and the kids have to fill them out about the book they listened to. I have a variety of response sheets, so I switch them out regularly. It holds the students accountable for actually listening to and/or reading the book. After they're done, they just bring me the pocket, I check it in about 5 seconds, and we are done! I can conference with students if it seems like there was an area they struggled with. 

The possibilities for these pockets are endless, and I always end up buying several whenever I see them! I hope these quick tips can help you in your classroom, and save you a bit of paper :)

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