Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Teach NGSS with Technology

Hi Sweet Friends, it's Peggy Means from Primary Flourish and 
I hope you all are having a refreshing summer.  
I know most teacher brains don't really turn off in the summer.  
(That's why you're reading this blog, right?)
So on this Techy Tuesday, I want to tell you about an app 
that will bring life into your NGSS 
(Next Generation Science Standards) lessons next year!
Apps in Education
NGSS Biological Evolution Unity & Diversity 2LS41:
Make observations of plants and animals to 
compare the diversity of life in different habitats.

I love.love.LOVE. Explore's live cams!
What better way to 'observe plants and animals in different habitats'.
You can peek in on dozens of wild animals in their natural environments!
I really encourage you to pop over there and enjoy!
>>Just click on the picture below to start exploring!<<
You can access live cams either with your computer, or with an app called
Livestream.  It's FREE! (I love a good free app, don't you?)

Students use this app to observe different animals in their different environment, and then compare and contrast those environments.
Each student keeps an observation journal on at least 2 animals that live in different habitats.

Here are the easy steps to start using technology to teach NGSS life science standards:
  1. Get Livestream App from the App Store.
  2. Go to Explore.org and choose at least 2 animals you want your class to observe.
  3. Download my free Observation Journal.
  4. Do the Happy Dance because you are set to teach NGSS to your class!
I hope you and your students will 'flourish' in exploring science together this year!


  1. Hi Peggy! Thanks for the great information! Is the Explore link Explore.com or Explore.org?

  2. Peggy - Thank you! I just learned something new from you - not a surprise at all my friend you are so talented. I look forward to giving this a try soon!
    Teaching and Much Moore

  3. Thanks! Yes, it is Explore.org ;)