Thursday, July 16, 2015

"Stop and Think" Sign by Alisha Satterwhite

Hi again!  My name is Alisha Satterwhite.  You might also know me as "Busy Me Plus Three"!  I wanted to share something with you that has really helped me out this year and in previous years.  It is my "STOP" sign.  This is a great classroom management tool and also helps the students by reminding them to think and problem solve!  I have done this in different ways.  I have attached it to each side of a popsicle stick.  I just printed it, cut it out, and glued it back to back with a popsicle stick in between.  I have also done the same but attached it to a piece of yarn to make a necklace.

I use this mainly during guided reading and math small groups.  When a student comes up to you and you are working with a group, you simply raise the sign.  You don't say a word, you just raise the sign.  This allows the children to "stop and think" about what they need to do.  I teach my kids that they are not to interrupt me for any reason (except if they are about to throw up).  I have already taught them about Hand Signals and our "When I am Done Chart".  Each child also has an index card with his/her name on it.  So, if they have already asked "three before me" and still have a question, they just place their card on the table.  This way, they do not interrupt and I will talk with them when I have a few free seconds (most of the time in between groups).  So, if they come and interrupt, I hold up the sign because they should NOT be interrupting small groups!

I also use this sign and attach to my "Stop Box".  If a student is given a warning, his or her behavior folder goes into the box.  This reminds the student to stop and think about his or her behavior or choices.  The next time I have to talk with the student, his or her folder is marked.  This has worked wonders for me!  

I hope this helps as you begin to plan for the new school year!  Have a great rest of the summer!

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