Saturday, July 18, 2015

Periscope for Teachers

Periscope Q&A's are answered AND there are 4 more QUALITY Periscope blog posts linked up!
 Doesn't it seem like everybody and their mother is on Periscope right now?  Are you wondering what the big deal is?  Do you feel like you can't handle another social media platform?  Do you have a fear of flipping the camera around?  Are you wondering if Periscope is for you?

These are all legitimate questions and I want to address and answer as many as I can for you today.  Just like any new "thing", there are going to be those who have doubt.  Guess what.  That's okay.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  Periscope might not be the right social media platform for you but for others it could be a convenient source of professional development that works for them.  For some teachers, this could be JUST what they were looking for!

Periscope is a live video streaming app that was purchased by Twitter.  Periscope allows other teachers, entrepreneurs, business owners, sports teams, news broadcasters, athletes, musicians, etc to immediately connect with others around the world.  Why is this powerful for teachers and bloggers?  No longer is it okay to close your classroom door and rely on your own teaching strategies that have worked for you for years.  We are each other's best resources!  The education world is always changing.  Our students are always changing.  The ways students learn best are always changing.  I don't know about you but I can't keep up with all of these changes on my own.  I need other passionate educators to bounce ideas off of, learn from, get inspired by, and network with!  You know what I love about this online community of educators?  We are all willing to help and encourage each other.  Periscope is proving to be a great place to share and network with others that are just as passionate.

I have compiled some FAQ's and answers for you regarding Periscope.  I will be the first to admit that I am not an expert but this has been an app that I have been researching and using actively so I will do my best to offer what I do know.

How does one get started on Periscope?
I would start by lurking.  Yes, lurking.  Go on, create a profile, upload a picture, follow your favorite bloggers, and watch them scope.  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.  If you're like me, I often times have a notebook nearby so I can write down tips and tricks that I learn.  If you don't like what you see, go ahead and close out or unfollow.  No feelings hurt.  It's okay!

Do I need to do broadcasts to be on Periscope?
No.  There is no rule that when you join Periscope you have to do live broadcasts.  Of course, this is what the app is made to do but if you benefit the most by watching others' scopes, enjoy them!

How often should one do a broadcast?
This is completely up to you.  I have heard other social media coaches and entrepreneurs suggest that a live broadcast should be done on a daily basis but, again, there is no rule.  Do what works for you.  Feeling inspired?  Jump on!  Do you have something valuable to say?  Jump on! Valuable content to share?  Jump on!

What if it scares me to flip the camera around?
Here's my own personal advice.  Just do it.  You won't know if you like it unless you give it a try.  Yes, it's scary at first.  I am an introvert.  I have done 16 broadcasts and each one still makes my heart race as I near my shaky finger towards the red broadcast button.  But, guess what?  As soon as I am on there and I am sharing, I am overwhelmed with love and support from other educators.  I love the quote from Hope King, "Get comfortable with being uncomfortable."  Or how about, "If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough."  I also like this one, "The quickest way to acquire self confidence is to do exactly what you are afraid to do."  So, push that fear aside.  You will be amazed at how rewarding this can be!

How do I find people to follow?
I would start with some of your favorite people on Twitter.  From there, I would search for your favorite bloggers and see if they are on Periscope.  I also suggest going to a favorite Periscope person of your own and looking at the list of people that they follow.  Sheila Jane wrote a nice blog post about 5 Educators to watch on Periscope that you can read here:
 What do I talk about if I choose to broadcast?
I would answer this question the same way that I would answer it if it were about blogging.  Periscope (and blog) about what you already know a lot about.  What is your niche?  What are you passionate about?  What do you stand for?  What do you love about teaching?  These are the topics that we want to hear from you!

What do I need to do Periscope?

You need a phone.  That is all.  Well, you will need a charger too because Periscope has been known to drain your battery when you are watching a lot of broadcasts.  That being said, if you like the bells and whistles, there are some tools that you can purchase to improve the quality of your broadcasts.  I have seen some people use microphones, tripods, and fish eye lenses but in all honesty, you are just fine with just a phone.

Is Periscope the best social media platform for educators?
For some yes.  For some no.  In the end, find what works for you.  Whether that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, or each their own!  Our students all have different learning styles and preferences and so do we!  That is the beauty of it all!  Periscope is a quick, fast paced, authentic, and live platform that a lot of people love!  It's nice to have these options!

If you want to read more about Periscope, I have three blog posts for you that provide tips and tricks that have been learned along the way.  You can go directly to these posts by clicking on the images below. 

Are you on Periscope?  Come find me!


  1. Hi Angie! Thanks for the great info. I am on Periscope, but only as a lurker. I don't know if I'll ever get the nerve to turn the camera around. But even if I don't, I 'm still getting a lot out of the broadcasts from others.

    1. Hey! Good for you for having an account and finding the benefit in it! Glad to hear you are getting a lot of good stuff from them!
      Lucky Little Learners

  2. I just love watching all of the teacher broadcasts - I have learned SO much already and look forward to learning so much more. This brings PD to an all NEW and WONDERFUL level, right!?!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. Thanks for all the iinfo, Angie!