Saturday, September 26, 2015

Under the Sea Classroom

Welcome everyone! This is Lori Flaglor giving you a sneak peek inside my Under the Sea Classroom theme. I totally redecorated my classroom to correlate with our school reading theme of "Dive Into Reading."
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  I've never decorated my classroom with a theme before, but this year I totally got swept away with the idea. 

  I first began with my large bulletin board in the back of the room. I used different colored scrapbook paper for the letters and cut them out using the Ellison machine. I used streamers and twisted them to look like seaweed. I then used these awesome genre posters from Kelly Knighton. I love the posters because they are so colorful and have cute graphics.   Click here to check out Kelly's store for these genre posters.

  I made this Fin-tastic board to hang student's work. I used clothespins and attached sea creatures to clip the papers onto the board. You can't see it, but I hung matching scrapbook paper under the student papers. I love how easy it is to change the papers and I can leave the board up all year long.
 Next, I decorated my door and it says, "Splashing into Second Grade." Shhh, don't tell the fire inspector my door is decorated!

 My class made these super cute posters and hung them outside our classroom to display for Open House.

 I carried the Under the Sea theme and made a behavior chart and new calendar pieces. I love the bright colors in my behavior chart.

 Here's a closeup of my Alphabet Chart. I have it hung above my board. Here are my desk tags and special schedule cards. 
I am just thrilled with my new classroom! I'm sure the reading department will have a new theme next year, but I'm sticking with this one for awhile. 

Hope you have a Splashing Year in Second!


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