Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Addition with Regrouping Using Sticky Notes

Hi there!  It's Hannah from The Classroom Key.  All second grade teachers know that addition and subtraction with regrouping are mainstays of 2nd grade math curriculum.  Today I'm sharing a strategy for modeling addition with regrouping using sticky notes.

addition with regrouping using sticky notes

If your students have already explored addition with regrouping using manipulatives, they may be ready to think about ways to record regrouping on paper.  This is one of my favorite ways to get them started.

Start with a problem like this that requires regrouping in the ones' place:

addition with regrouping using sticky notes

Add up the ones and write it the total on a sticky note.  Here I've also indicated which is the ones' place and which is the tens' place with words.

addition with regrouping using sticky notes

Next, cut the sticky note in half to separate the tens and the ones.  

Put the ones piece underneath the equation in the ones' place.  Carry the tens piece over to the tens' column.  This keeps kids from getting confused about which number get carried and helps preserve some of the meaning behind the algorithm.  Add all the tens together and the problem is solved!

I start by demonstrating this on the board a few times, then letting kids come up and demonstrate it, and finally letting kids try it at their seats.  Give it a try!

Happy teaching!


The sticky note man in the first graphic comes from Sarah Pecorino Illustrations.

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