Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Classroom Party Activities

Hi there everyone! It's Bex from Reading and Writing Redhead. I know your class might be celebrating Halloween soon so I thought I'd stop by with some ideas on how to celebrate in class, whether you are having a party or just want some fun ideas! These are things I have come across in the past and worked for me or look really fun. I have tried to include links to any ideas from around the internet so you can get more details.

Estimate Game: Easy and fun! Fill a clear container with candy corn, plastic spider rings (like these at Amazon), fake eyeball erasers (seriously check them out here- I laughed when I found them) or other. Simply put out blank paper, pencils, and a small basket for kids to write their names and guesses! The winner gets the glory and you can split the items in the jar among the students in the class.

Halloween Coloring Pages: Very simple and kids always love to color. You can find these free in many places. Try the ones at Makes and Takes here.  

 Halloween Lego Game! It's pretty much like it sounds. Please check out this post from Teach Mama for an explanation! 
Halloween Party Science Station:  Cool experiment ideas including Ghostly Goo, 
Magic Pumpkin Potion and more. Check the full list of ideas here at One Perfect Party.

Gross Halloween Food: Try things like peeled grapes for eyeballs, whole wheat spaghetti for "worms", and cranberry juice for a "vampire drink".

Witches Brew with Dry Ice: Looks really authentic. One of my room moms did it once for our Party and it was awesome. Check out a tutorial at Sandra Lee's site here. (but you ought to leave off the optional alcohol in the recipe!) 

Halloween Witch Pitch: looks kind of like cornhole but with those little erasers and tiny cauldrons. I only found an image but it looks easy to set up and fun! 

What's your favorite Halloween party activity for the classroom? Comment and let us know!

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