Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Perfect Pumpkin

A few years back I started a fun thing in my classroom in October where I took one of those cheap plastic pumpkins that could fit a few pieces of candy inside. I decided to do something called the perfect pumpkin where I pass it around to kids during the day that are showing positive behavior. The kid who has it on their desk at the end of the day receives the reward inside. I do this each day for the month of October. The kids GO CRAZY for this at the end of the day to see what their peers receive. I decided to create my own box template this year and also include a fun printable award and a class book about our perfect pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. October is one of my favorite months in my 2nd grade class and this is just one more reason why!

Enjoy this freebie that adds to your PERFECT PUMPKIN FUN in your classroom
and motivates classroom management this fall!

 The Creative Classroom

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