Saturday, April 11, 2015

Reading Month

Hi all! I am Emily from Third in Hollywood. In case you missed it, you can read a little bit more about me from my first post here.

For my "Show-N-Tell", I am excited to share some pictures from our school-wide Reading Month that happened in March! 

I am on the reading committee at our school along with a few other teachers. We put our heads together to think of an activity for each week of March that all grades could participate in and enjoy! So this is what we came up with:

For week 1, all students and staff wrote about their favorite book on the "Favorite Book Poster" and the entire school hung them up together! It was so neat to see the walls covered with books! This was only SOME of them!

On my poster, I printed this picture of me
reading MY favorite book, The Giving Tree.
For week 2, students decorated bookmarks and we had a bookmark contest! At the end of the week, the reading committee chose the bookmark that we thought represented reading in the most creative way! The winner had their bookmark printed for everyone to have in the school! I found an amazing website to make the bookmarks at such an affordable cost! I had 500 made for only about $38. They were amazing quality!
This was the winning bookmark! I loved the creativity and detail!

For week 3, all classrooms decorated their classroom doors with their favorite class book. It was so fun to see everyone's creativity! Here are a few of my favorites...




For week 4 all students did a reading bingo for homework, which was called "READO". I enjoyed making the activities so that ALL grades could be successful at home. 

You can find my reading month packet at my Teachers Pay Teacher's store by clicking on the picture below! 

Thanks for reading about our school-wide reading month! It sure was a lot of fun! Our principal said, "It was the most successful reading month to date!" 

What does YOUR school do for reading month? 


  1. This is such a creative and fun way to get all the kids into the love of reading! Thanks for sharing, Emily!